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Johnny Cash sang the song "I've Been Everywhere" well sometimes my wife and I feel that way. We have 14 states  yet to visit. Tammy has even explored most of the continent of Europe. The links above take you to places we lived since we've been married. We also returned to my hometown of Candor NY for about 2 months but beings city folk. The town of 900 and 40 minutes away from a bigger town drove us to move to Tucson.

As you can see we've have covered a lot of ground. Growing up in the small farming wooded land of upstate NY Nate had lots of opportunity to hike and enjoy nature. Ithaca home of Cornell University and Taughannock falls a 210' waterfall. Was a great place to grow up. If you ever find yourself in upstate NY make it a point to visit all the gorges of Ithaca. Tammy was an Army brat by both parents so she didn't stay in one place for long.