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Welcome to Rachel's page

I was born rather quickly so quickly in fact my parents didn't make it to the hospital. So I was born at a Carl's Jr. parking mid way between our house and the hospital. Daddy says we should have left earlier and it was all mommy's fault. Daddy's just glad the ambulance showed up in the nick of time so he didn't have to catch me. At 9lbs 9oz. I was rather super sized.

I'm new to the world but already I'm writing a web page to help develop my artistic talent. I still sleep a lot but when I'm awake I play with my big sister or watch Veggie Tales. I really enjoy swinging too.

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Thanks for stopping by. I'll try to keep my page up to date but you know my dad.

I turned 1 do you think dad will let me drive. Well, now I'm 2 and still can't drive. Dad hasn't been updating my site so you've missed by 3rd and 4th birthday.

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 3rd Birthady Rachel_4  Playing in the Surf at OB   1st day of 2nd grade 2010