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The Big EZ

Well son of a Nate, it happened again #3 finally a boy. My pappy always told me "if you don't succeed try try again." 3rd times the charm, Tammy could only hold out for so long. Maybe we're done, but there's still room in our heart for more loving wee ones. Ezekiel James born May 2006 in a birth center at 6:29pm. Weigh 9 lbs 5 oz 21 inches. I give him a few months and he should be getting a 4.4 forty, averaging a double double, over 120 RBI with 40+ homers. We're banking our retirement on his athletic abilities. Don't let us down boy, cause if you do!

Movie Girls meet Baby Brother

1st Day of Preschool 2010

1st Birthday No take my toys 
Go Cardinals I'm 2 now Peanut 3 now.
Young Jedi